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In Conjunction with our Kansas City Office, our South Florida Office Presents...

The Ways of Wind: Storm-Related Damage, A Forensic Engineering Overview

As most of us realize, the predominance of storm-related damage is attributable to wind. One of the key areas of concern in the South Florida region is around storm-related wind and water damage to architectural and structural building components. With this in mind, our Kansas City & South Florida...


The Importance of Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs)

Electricity powers the world – our cities, factories, farms, and our appliances. Every day we use electricity without even thinking about what it is. We can’t see it and give little thought to how dangerous it can be. The average person has no idea whether a receptacle in his or her home is “on”...


Ballast Water Management: History, Application, and Legislation

When ships began to be built of iron and steel, the use of ballast water changed. Iron and steel as construction materials allowed ships to be built which could carry considerably more cargo than wooden ships. For example, the Flying Cloud, a famous wooden clipper ship built in 1851 that could carry...


Pumps: Putting Fluid to Work

Though we may not realize it, our very days are dictated by pumps. If the fuel pump in our car does not function as designed, we may not get to work on time. If the city’s water pumps break down, we may not have water for that pot of coffee. If the electric utility’s pumps are inoperative, we may...


Every Failure Has a Story... Even in the Oil & Gas Industry

The phone rings in the late afternoon on Friday and it isn’t good news. There was a fire at a compressor station. A shipment of new equipment showed up with visible damage. The drill string fell into the well and the contractors are trying to fish it out. Any number of things can happen to equipment...

From Our Experts

3D Laser Scanners Capture Minute Details

A 3D laser scanner has the capacity to document the entirety of a real-world object or environment down to the minutest of details. Laser scans act simultaneously as a camera and as a ruler, thus eliminating the need for photographic interpretation as well reducing the time required for physical...

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Renewable Energy: Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are a good example of how technology can be both simple and complex at the same time. From a distance, wind turbine blades spinning in the wind are akin to a child simply blowing on a pinwheel. Up close and inside the workings of a wind turbine, it becomes apparent that there are...

Case Study

Tracing a Leak to Get Answers

A recent engineering consultation involved the evaluation of water-related damages to a residence. The Assignment EDT was asked to determine “how?” and “why?” this loss occurred.

Case Study

Fire-Related Damage to a Food Processing Facility

EDT was asked to assess the roofing, equipment, and structural damage at a food processing facility and prepare repair, replacement, and/or reconstruction estimates.