Consult with us to mitigate your risks and understand the cause, scope, and value of marine, cargo, and stock throughput losses.

How can EDT help you? 

Ocean and inland marine industries can rely on us for technical consultation services. We provide value by explaining, in simple terms, the complex relationships inherent in marine operations. 

The most common application of our services is to those handling marine environment losses, including cargo and stock throughput. We are not limited to the interpretation and resolution of loss. We can also provide pre-loss consultation to mitigate risk and improve confidence.

EDT professional engineers are equipped with industry-based knowledge, project management skills, and analysis experience. Our scope of services ranges from pre-purchase surveys and plan review, through identifying the cause and sequence of damage, and on to expert testimony in the courtroom.

Engineering expertise that meets your needs

Our experts are uniquely trained and experienced to answer your marine engineering questions. 

Local knowledge 

We have licensed engineers in all 50 states who have an intimate understanding of local conditions related to cargo handling, diesel and steam plants, mechanical structures, and intricate piping systems.

Maritime expertise

We have on staff licensed Naval Architect and Marine Engineers with practical experience evaluating ships, cranes and cargo. They understand national and international regulations as they relate to the construction and operation of ships and the transfer of cargo.

Testing and laboratories

Our engineers know the means to test marine systems and to quantify proper operation. We have laboratory facilities in all office to examine defects, material testing laboratories at our disposal, and equipment for chemical analyses. If necessary, specific test arrangements can be developed to prove claims.

Incident response 

We’re positioned to help you rapidly move forward in the wake of an incident. Our experts have the experience to evaluate damages due to allision, collision, mishandling, or natural disasters. We can be on-site shortly after contact to provide timely assessment and mitigate lost revenue.

Examples of maritime cases we assess: 

  • Condition assessment
    Is the ship in the condition the sellers claim it is? 
  • Plan review
    Is this an example of a design for future operation as opposed to analysis of a loss/damage incident?
  • Origin and cause 
    Where did the fire begin in the cargo hold which destroyed the batteries and were the batteries the cause?
  • Damage assessment, segregation and cost estimation
    What is the extent of the damage to the cargo shipped from Tianjin, China; can any be salvaged; and what costs are involved in repairing or replacing the cargo?
  • Valuation
    What is the fair market value of a shipyard crane built in 1935 today?
  • Repair monitoring
    Who can we employ to monitor the damage repair to our tugboat after an allision and will the repair yard charge us equitably?

  • Risk assessment
    What risks are there in my fish processing plant which could cause injury or unacceptable downtime and what options do I have to mitigate those risks?

  • Litigation support
    Does a hold coaming bracket constitute an unreasonable tripping hazard for stevedores on a Liberian-flagged container ship?