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Technical answers and forensic engineering solutions for insurance companies

We have the experience and the expertise to determine the cause, scope and value of minor damages to large losses.

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Expert witnesses, litigation support, and technical consultation for attorneys

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We have a national network of engineers with diverse expertise so you can rely on EDT for a wide range of engineering issues.

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Forensic Engineering

  • Cause Analysis
  • Damage Assessment
  • Residential Damages
  • Fires and Explosions
  • Industrial Losses

Litigation Support

  • Expert Witness
  • Report Preparation
  • Courtroom Animation
  • Graphics Capabilities
  • Documentation Review

Technical Consultation

  • Peer Design Review
  • Project Scheduling
  • Construction Assessment
  • Value and Estimation
  • Surety Consulting

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When Wet Really Isn't Wet (part 2)

Albert M. Rose, P.E.

In our last post we discussed equipment ratings and location definitions (what is a dry or wet location). In this post let's discuss equipment that is not made to get wet, yet for some reason it does. Does this mean it needs to be thrown away and a new one purchased? No, of course not.

When Wet Isn't Really Wet (Part 1)

Albert M. Rose, P.E.

It has been common in the past to assume that water and electrical equipment do not mix. However, just because a piece of electrical equipment, such as an electrical panel or a computer, gets wet doesn't mean that it needs to be replaced.

Diesel Fire Pump Damages

Diesel engines are a rugged and reliable choice for propulsion and power generation. In applications where electricity is not available or may be disrupted, a Diesel engine is a good choice for providing an alternative to an electric motor for pumps. Why, then, do so many Diesel engines with...

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are a critical element for fire safety and have been found to reduce the risk of dying in a home structure fire by 54%. In this blog, we talk about two common types of residential smoke detectors and the importance of having them in your home.