The EDT Difference: The Leader in Complex Loss Assessments

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Tony Catalfomo, M.S.E.E., P.E.

When I first joined Engineering Design & Testing in 1998, I was already a somewhat experienced engineer, coming from a manufacturing company with a design and project management background. The work at ED&T was so different — challenging, interesting and exciting — but I knew that in order to bring the best to ED&T I had a lot to learn. I returned to work in manufacturing, taking with me all I had learned from my colleagues at ED&T. I had become a much better engineer because of being exposed to the world of forensic engineering.

In 2015, I decided to return to the world of forensic engineering consulting. I felt I had so much more to offer. I immediately looked up my former colleagues at ED&T and was comforted to see many of the same people were still there, some 17 years later. I didn't know that I'd one day become the company's president but I could see that while the company had grown, the foundation was still there. Although the business landscape had changed, ED&T was still at the forefront and considered a relevant provider of services to the insurance and legal markets. I had the opportunity to explore other companies as so many had entered the world of forensic engineering, but ED&T was the only place I considered.

Why? Because of the ED&T Difference. The very thing that separates ED&T from other forensic consulting firms is the commitment to the industry and the client. ED&T is a company of Professional Engineers committed to providing ethical and thorough analysis while providing interpretations regarding losses involving people, property, and products of manufacture in the industry. In being knowledgeable, ethical, responsible, and professional, the interpretations are comprehensive, reliable and — equally as important — unbiased.

Our engineers know the technical issues; more importantly, we know our clients. Our team understands the client’s needs. Our engineers are challenged to produce a deliverable to meet the client’s needs and expectations. Our clients vary by industry, experience, expertise, and knowledge. By taking the time to know our client and build a relationship, our engineers will always meet the client’s expectations. Each of our reports is a custom product intended to meet the client’s needs.

ED&T has a reputation as “problem solvers” when complex issues arise. As many of our clients have found, losses can appear simple and straightforward but soon grow to be more complex. In these situations, ED&T is called to step in to resolve issues where others cannot deliver. We welcome the opportunity to step in after the initial work has begun, but we know we can better serve our clients if we are the first call. We dig deep to find the answers. We work to avoid the short answer because each situation is unique and different.

As the world changes, so does our industry. Emerging markets in renewables, electric vehicles (EVs), energy storage and data storage are changing the landscape. Technical expertise in these areas can be hard to find. Look no further; ED&T is poised and ready to guide you through technical and complex challenges.

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Tony Catalfomo, M.S.E.E., P.E.
President/CEO and Consulting Engineer