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Unbiased litigation support from experienced engineers when damages, injuries, and conflicts require legal action

Why EDT?

Objective analysis

We take pride in our commitment to bring you objective analyses and reporting. We are transparent communicators so that you can be confident in your legal approach. Whether on the stand or behind the scenes, we act with integrity and speak with authority. 

Broad expertise 

Our engineers represent nearly 200 areas of expertise so your firm can rely on EDT across a variety of cases – from niche issues to general engineering matters. We have engineers licensed in all 50 states. 

Trusted credentials  

All of our consultants are professional engineers, the profession’s highest standard of competence. Our engineers’ credentials, expertise, and unbiased approach are compelling in the courtroom. 

Courtroom visuals

Understanding complicated engineering scenarios can be difficult. Our litigation services are complemented with our in-house animation, modeling, and graphics capabilities. 

What We Offer

We have partners like you across the country. Connect with us to learn more about the benefits of using EDT as a preferred vendor.

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Litigation Support
Answers to inform your case

We equip you with unbiased, technical answers about losses, damages, and disputes. We have the training, credentials, and confidence to effectively communicate what happened and why it happened.

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