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PO Box 1233
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
United States


Frank Lombardi, P.E.

Civil/Structural Consulting Engineer

Engineering Field
  • Civil/Structural

Mr. Lombardi is a civil engineer providing root cause analysis, scope of damage, and value of loss consultation for commercial, industrial, and residential structures involving building elements. Prior to joining EDT, Mr. Lombardi spent 10 years in the engineering design industry, focusing in the New York market which included the new LaGuardia Airport and Hudson Yards projects. Mr. Lombardi’s prior experience involved the analysis and design of high-rise buildings, telecommunication systems, and existing landmark buildings. He also aided construction teams to develop, analyze, and design alternative structural details for when unforeseen on-site barriers prevented the construction of the original design.

Raised in New Jersey, Mr. Lombardi started his engineering career with a degree in civil engineering from NJIT’s Albert Dorman College.As his interest in civil engineering grew, so did his desire to learn more about the engineering behind the building infrastructure, inspiring him to pursue a Master of Engineering in structural and geomechanics engineering from Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. Through education and experience, Mr. Lombardi has an extensive and detailed background in analysis, design, and code compliance for the developed world.

When not on the job, Mr. Lombardi enjoys being outside either hiking, fishing, kayaking, surfing, or swimming. If the weather is not cooperative, music will resonate from his Steinway piano.

State Licenses 

Mr. Lombardi is a licensed engineer in New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Arizona.

  • Italicized licenses are pending