Hurricane Florence

A note from our Associate Chief Engineer

As the recovery from Hurricane Florence begins, we all deal with mixed emotions. While we grieve with those who lost family and friends, when we consider the size and intensity of Florence, we are encouraged that more lives were not lost. In addition to dealing with their emotions, those effected by the storm now also face the challenge of dealing with recovery. For those with only minor damage, the recovery will be a short process. For others, the recovery will take months, if not years. Based on their training and experience, the engineers of EDT are prepared to assist with the recovery. Engineers at EDT have been involved in the evaluation of hurricane-related losses for almost 30 years, providing EDT with the experience necessary to quickly and accurately respond after the landfall of a major hurricane. With 65 licensed engineers as full-time staff, EDT has the capacity to handle multiple and large assignments dealing with industrial, commercial, and residential properties. Before the landfall of Hurricane Florence, EDT began making preparations to assist our clients with the recovery process; obtaining housing near the affected areas, coordinating the schedules of our engineers and technicians, and establishing the appropriate administrative processes to ensure that we can respond quickly when needed.

As always, EDT is also prepared to deal with the emotions of loss and recovery. While our task typically involves evaluating property damage, we recognize that we are also interacting with individuals who may have lost more than property, and we strive to treat those individuals with dignity and respect.

With humility and respect,

Charles E. Whitley
Associate Chief Engineer and Consulting Engineer