Hurricane Barry

A note from our Associate Chief Engineer

As those affected by the landfall of Hurricane Barry begin their recovery, EDT is prepared to provide any technical assistance needed in the evaluation of wind and/or water-related damages. Based on the experience and knowledge gained through our work after past tropical storms and hurricanes, EDT has the ability to respond quickly and to handle a large volume of work on industrial, commercial, and residential properties, as well as the ability to address marine issues. With a full-time staff of professional civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers, plus a naval architect and marine engineer, EDT is capable of providing technical assistance concerning hurricane-related damage to buildings, structures, machinery, and equipment. Our experience in wind vs. wave evaluations, hurricane-generated flood losses, and numerous other types of storm-related damage evaluations has prepared EDT to respond quickly and efficiently as we meet our client’s needs.

With humility and respect,

Charles E. Whitley
Chief Engineer and Consulting Engineer