Disaster Recovery

Our engineers are ready to assess structural, mechanical, and electrical damage from natural disasters. We can evaluate the scope of disaster damage and cost of recovery.

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Disaster Recovery Services 

When storms and disasters damage property, it's important to get objective answers about what happened and why it happened, so affected families and business can move forward as quickly as possible. Our engineers provide the following recovery services:  

  • Flood damage analysis
  • Wind damage assessment
  • Structural damage assessment
  • Scope of damage analysis
  • Cost of repairs or reconstruction 
  • Claim review and analysis 
  • Repair or reconstruction monitoring 
  • Litigation support 

EDT Expertise

We have a nationwide presence, several offices along the coast, and a number of engineers licensed in states highly vulnerable to natural disaster damage. As forensic engineers, we have the expertise to help attorneys, insurance professionals, and property owners understand the cause and value of damages and losses. Our engineers have assessed damages caused by wind, fires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, and more. 

We'll provide a rapid response, objective answers, and compassionate service, so you can chart your course of action. Let's discuss your needs. 

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Our hearts go out to those affected by storms and natural disasters, and our hands are ready to help.

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