Construction Assessment

The evaluation of construction for conformance with design intent, code requirements, and industry standards

Is there a defect? Why did it happen? Who or what caused the defect? What are the options for repair? ED&T Construction Consulting personnel review and respond to these questions, allowing involved parties to make informed decisions.


  • Materials
  • Function
  • Methods and Workmanship
  • Failure analysis
  • Industry standards
  • Standard of Care
  • Quality Assurance
  • Code issues
  • Involved parties/trades

ED&T Construction Consulting - Corporate Contact

Sharon Adkins (ED&T Corporate Offices)


ED&T Project Leaders

EAST: Steven W. Morris, M.S., P.E., (704)523-2520,

WEST: David L. Hanks, Ph.D., P.E., (913)859-9580,

SOUTH: Charles E. Whitley, P.E., (205)838-1040,