Marine Services

We help you understand the cause, scope, and value of marine, cargo, and stock throughput losses.

Objective Engineering Analysis

How We Help You

We provide value by explaining, in simple terms, the complex relationships inherent in ocean and inland marine operations. Our experts have the experience to evaluate damages as well as provide towing vessel safety services.

Experience & Credentials

Marine Expertise

EDT can draw upon a depth of knowledge regarding design, construction, and operation of ocean and inland marine vessels. The professionals at EDT include engineers registered as Naval Architects, Marine and Mechanical Engineers.

Cause & Damage Analysis

Marine Forensic Engineering

EDT engineers have industry-based knowledge, project management skills, and analysis experience. From identifying the cause and sequence of damage to the estimate of attributable loss, we provide expertise to the ocean and inland industries.

Marine Forensic Engineering
Production Losses & Damages

Inland Marine Services

Inland marine encompasses a multitude of diverse coverages, from hull and machinery coverage of inland watercraft to damages or loss to product during production. EDT has engineers with varied backgrounds and expertise, who can tackle complex cases.

Examples of Inland Marine Services

  • Hull and machinery
  • Cargo
  • Stock-throughput
  • Process evaluation
  • Repair/refurbishment monitoring
Losses & Damages Onboard

Offshore Maritime Services

We understand the sea is a harsh environment, placing strain on equipment and people. We work compassionately with crews, officers, shipowners, and insurers. We objectively survey the conditions onboard so you can take action.

Examples of Offshore Marine Services

  • Protection and indemnity claims
  • Hull and machinery claims
  • Cargo damage or stowage assessment
  • Conditions assessment survey
  • Safety and pollution prevention
  • Plan review
  • Repair monitoring
Find the right expert

We have a national network of engineers with diverse expertise so you can rely on EDT for a wide range of marine issues. We'll help you identify the right engineer for your challenge.

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