Litigation Consultation and Expert Testimony

Consultation, including expert testimony and courtroom presentation support.

With years of experience working and consulting in the construction environment, value resides in the ability of ED&T Construction Consultants to create bridges between technical findings and conflicts that arise in the construction environment. Our work is conducted with a recognition that an objective understanding of the technical issues involved is a means for the parties involved to make rational decisions.

When it comes to the litigation environment, expert testimony hinges upon:

  • Qualifications
  • Experience
  • Objectivity
  • Resources
  • Presentation style
  • Litigation support technology (graphics, animations, model making)
  • An ability to remain resolute in conflict situations

ED&T Construction Consulting - Corporate Contact

Sharon Adkins (ED&T Corporate Offices)


ED&T Project Leaders

EAST: Steven W. Morris, M.S., P.E., (704)523-2520,

WEST: David L. Hanks, Ph.D., P.E., (913)859-9580,

SOUTH: Charles E. Whitley, P.E., (205)838-1040,