Oh no, Stucco!

Damaged stucco was reported in several locations on the exterior of a house. In many areas the stucco had blistered, cracked and buckled. Interior damage to wood flooring and window frames was noted near some of the damaged areas.

High moisture levels were measured in damaged areas. Inspection of the house revealed that the window flashing had been improperly installed, allowing water to penetrate the wall interiors. Stucco exteriors are constructed with an outer finish layer that is relatively impervious to moisture. The inner layers of a stucco exterior, however, are susceptible to damage from water that enters at seams around the finish layer or through discontinuities in the finish layer. The inner layers may then absorb moisture, causing swelling, cracking, separation of layers, or damage to adjacent wood, all conditions noted during the examination of the house.

It was concluded that the damage to the house was due to improper installation of the window flashing.