Origin & Cause

Determination of the cause or causes that resulted in or contributed to a loss.

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Damage Assessment

Identification and quantification of physical damage resulting from a loss.

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Damage Segregation

Segregation of loss condition and categories, interpretation of the sequence of damage, and characterization of pre-existing damage.

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Repair/Replacement Evaluation

Comparison of repair and replacement alternatives considering cost, serviceability and timeliness.

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Estimates of repair, reconstruction and/or replacement costs.

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Claim Review and Analysis

Technical audit of reported costs and comparision with damage assessment and/or independent repair estimate.

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Repair and Reconstruction Monitoring

Continuous or intermittent inspection and/or technical auditing of repair and/or reconstruction activities.

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Litigation Support

Involvement concerning causation, extent of loss, segregation, and loss valuation.

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Case Studies

  • Storage tank.

    Gasoline Storage Tank Fire

    During a thunderstorm, a 55,000 barrel tank containing gasoline was struck by lightning. Repair costs were reviewed and compared with observed damage.

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  • Lower legs of the tower telescoped down on top of themselves.

    Communications Tower Collapse

    The loss of a tower warranted an investigation.

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  • Color-coding the aerial view.

    Making Sense of Four Fallen Container Cranes

    Four cranes owned by different companies fell during a hurricane. Which one fell first?

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  • Wet scubber system in its condition as found at the time of this investigation.

    A Fire 14 Months in the Making

    A 14-month old wet scrubber system is destroyed by a fire that started in a drying oven at a manufacturing plant. 

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  • Floor of boiler was blown downward and east wall was wrapped over the roof.

    Power Plant Boiler Explosion

    Cause determination, damage assessment, site monitoring, and claim review analysis of a vintage 80 MW power plant damaged by explosions.

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