ED&T = Engineering Design & Testing Corp.

Engineering Design & Testing Corp. is an engineering consulting firm that applies technical and scientific resources to determine the root causes of losses involving people, property, and products of manufacture. These same resources are also applied to assess the scope of damage and the value of loss when commercial and industrial facility and equipment are involved.

ED&T = Depth

ED&T engineers come from a variety of educational and professional backgrounds. Our engineers have degrees in mechanical engineering, civil and structural engineering, metallurgy, materials engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, and automotive engineering. Professional experience, design backgrounds, industrial knowledge, and project management skills are the norm.

ED&T = Professional Engineers

Having a professional engineering license (a P.E.) is the hallmark of engineers who have passed rigorous tests and are experienced in their chosen field of engineering. In order to obtain and to maintain a license, an engineer must be of a confirmed high moral character. Ongoing and continuing education is also a requirement. The entire consulting staff at ED&T are licensed engineers.

ED&T = Engineers who are also Consultants

Are we engineers or consultants? To the ED&T engineer, the answer is "both."

As consultants, we maintain an awareness of the implications of our findings. We keep our clients informed.

ED&T = Objectivity

Our clients have to rely upon and have confidence in our findings and the information we provide. Objectivity is the rule.

ED&T = Responsiveness

A timely response on our part enables a confident action on your part. It has been our experience that the sooner our work is documented and communicated, the greater the level of certainty in the analysis.
ED&T has offices located from Puerto Rico to Seattle, allowing for local and regional response. Inquiries can be made to any one of our locations, or online using the "new assignment" form or the "contact" form. If necessary, arrangements can be made to have an ED&T engineer on a site within 24 hours by calling our rapid response line 1-800-PLACE-PE (1-800-752-2373).