New Safety Services for Towing Vessels


EDT Now an Approved Subchapter M TPO 

EDT is pleased to announce that the firm has been approved by the United States Coast Guard as a third party organization (TPO) under Subchapter M, a federal regulation that establishes safety standards for towing vessels like tugboats and towboats. As a TPO, EDT will help towing vessels meet the new standards by conducting surveys and audits as well as reviewing and issuing Towing Safety Management System (TSMS) certificates. 

As forensic engineers, our consultants have an intimate knowledge of how and why damages happen on marine vessels, and we're excited to use that knowledge to promote safety and prevent damages in our role as a TPO.

Marine Expertise

EDT is well-positioned to serve as a Subchapter M TPO. We have a licensed naval architect and marine engineers with practical experience evaluating ships, cranes, and cargo. They understand national and international regulations as they relate to the construction and operation of ships as well as the transfer of cargo.

Marine engineers at our EDT Oakland and EDT Seattle offices will lead our Subchapter M surveying and auditing services. We'll also rely on our licensed engineers across the country with knowledge about cargo handling, diesel and steam plants, mechanical structures, or intricate piping systems.  

EDT TPO Services 

We're authorized to offer a range of TPO services for towing vessels working to comply with Subchapter M. 

  • Issue TSMS certificates
  • Conduct TSMS audits
  • Conduct towing vessel initial surveys and annual surveys
  • Conduct towing vessel dry-dock surveys and UWILD surveys
  • Provide reporting of towing vessel surveys
  • Plan review

Learn more about Subchapter M and our surveying, auditing, and TSMS certification services. 

Surveys, Audits, and Certifications