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Engineering Services in Denver

Our Denver forensic engineering office is proud to serve Colorado and surrounding states in the West. EDT Denver specializes in providing forensic analysis services, fire cause analyses, and engineering expert witnesses. Our engineers bring clients efficient, objective answers about civil/structural, materials/metallurgical, and mechanical engineering damages and losses.

Areas We Serve

EDT Denver typically provides forensic engineering services in Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Western Kansas and Nebraska, Wyoming, and Utah. Our EDT Denver consulting engineers are both licensed in over a dozen states and can offer a range of engineering consulting services. Get to work with our EDT Denver office.   

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Meet Our Denver-based Engineers

Jason M.K. Cochran, M.S., P.E., EDT Civil/Structural Engineer, EDT DenverJason M.K. Cochran, M.S., P.E.

Civil/Structural Engineer 
District Engineering Manager and Consulting Engineer 

Mr. Cochran provides consultation in the area of structural evaluation and analysis, including root cause, scope of damage, and value of loss for buildings and structures, including residential, commercial, multi-family, industrial, institutional, and agricultural construction.

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Mark D. Russell, Ph.D., P.E., EDT Chief Engineer, Mechanical and Materials/Metallurgical Fields, EDT DenverMark D. Russell, Ph.D., P.E.

Mechanical and Materials/Metallurgial Engineer
Chief Engineer and Consulting Engineer

Dr. Russell provides consulting in the areas of mechanical systems, manufacturing processes, root cause investigation and analysis of mechanical damage to equipment, components, and materials, including fracture analysis and failure analysis. Prior to joining EDT in 2011, he worked in both academic and industrial research. He also has experience in manufacturing systems and quality assurance.

Recent Articles by Dr. Russell: 

About EDT

We lead the industry with over four decades of forensic engineering experience. We have engineering consultants across the country, and they represent nearly 200 areas of expertise. Our engineers investigate materials, products, and structures that fail, cause damages, or injure individuals. They bring clients unbiased answers about what happened and why it happened, so they can chart their course of action.

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